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Each workbook combines auditory processing, working memory, and imagination to help train your child to better visualize what he's reading. Although each workbook includes a recommended age range, the best practice would be to start at Level I and work to Level III; doing so ensures that your child has no gaps in his reading comprehension development. More information can be found at the bottom of the page.

Reading Nook

Levels Explained

Level I

The starting point for all things visualization. Recommended most for elementary and middle school students who are moderately stable at decoding texts but need help comprehending what they've read. The focus in this workbook is visualizing individual words and sentences.

Level II

This workbook continues its focus on visualization but challenges students to picture multiple sentences and paragraphs at a time. Recommended for elementary and middle school students who are stable at decoding but who need help comprehending more complex texts.

Level III

Besides focusing on visualization, this workbook introduces more advanced vocabulary and comprehension passages. Recommended for middle and high school students who sometimes struggle to make sense of what they've read and who want to grow their vocabulary.

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